Welcome to the Stailamos-website! is a website that focuses on comprehensive image-related communications, managed by Stailamos ltd. The stailamos-method focuses on discovering your colors, style and form with your own pigments and eye misleading illusions. 

The service is based on facts, your measurements and color pigments. Color analysis is based on your colors, that you may not have found yet, but that suite you. In closer inspection you will find all these pigments through your own mirror image. The color analysis is developed to finding these pigments.

A realization by Sir Isaac Newton is with all the Stailamos-color analyzes. You can exploit the results of the color analysis in your wardrobe and in home decor. The color analysis sold in the Stailamos-shop can be done to women, men and children. You can also order the e-color analysis packet (minimum of 20 analysis) to the staff of your company for training or as a gift. Ask for a quote:

Come and try our color analyzes, and you will surely be surprised with your new color scheme!

We do trainings and consult. Come along to Stailamos trainings or come to a personal color, body form or shape of the face analysis in our Live-locations. You will find our locations through the top bar on the front page. At the moment we do trainings only in Finnish.

We welcome groups, we do quotes on themed programs and we would love to come to your company to lecture or to do analyzes. You can book us for your wellbeing days or you can order our latest course, the style Pilates.

Style school for the common people will start in the Autumn and in the Spring, come and join us. Ask for more information!

Be sure and ask us! We solve all kinds of problems regarding dressing, forms and colors from Monday to Sunday also by phone from 9 am to 8 pm. You can send your photo via email and call our service: 0600–303 006.

For professionals and those considering entering the field we also have trainings based on evidence under the master and entrepreneur trainer, CEO Raija Marjamaa. Welcome!

At the moment our services work only in Finnish except for color analysis.

Kiilankatu 2 A LH 1, 90120 Oulu
0600 303 006 (2,95€/min + ppm)
Y-tunnus: 2249244-8

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